Stony Brook Fire Dept. Received a 9-11 Survivor Tree
By Webmaster Ron Gilone
August 31, 2017

The Stony Brook Fire Department received a 9-11 Survivor Tree in a ceremony held at Mt Sinai Fire Department.

This tree is a seedling of the Survivor Tree located at the site of the World Trade Center.

The tree has been planted in front of Station 2 fire house on Stony Brook Road.

A total eighty-five seedlings from the Callery Pear (Bradford Pear) tree that survived 9-11 are to be planted in 28 fire
districts on Long Island in honor of the 16th anniversary of the terrorist attacks.

The original tree, which still stands at the 9-11 memorial in Lower Manhattan, became a symbol of hope following the attacks,
and was the subject of a short documentary, 'The Tree That Would Not Be Broken'.

Seedlings from the tree have been cared for by students enrolled in John Bowne High School’s agricultural program in
Flushing, Queens, for the past several years.

The trees will provide a living link to 9-11 in places where the attacks’ impact is still felt.

Other seedlings from the survivor tree have been sent to the Department of Justice, Newtown, Connecticut (in the wake
of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary), Boston, Massachusetts (after the Boston Marathon bombing), as well as France and England
following their terrorist attacks.

Following the ceremony, all the participants were treated to a BBQ by the Mt Sinai Fire Department.